Thursday, August 15, 2013

Welcome to English 2305! This course is titled Introduction to Poetry: Multicultural Perspectives in U.S. Poetry. In this course, we will be reading, discussing, analyzing, and writing about U.S. poetry with a focus on the study of cultures and histories.  By the end of this course, you will be familiar with poetic form, language, and elements as well as multicultural identities.

Check this website regularly for assignments, updates, and resources.



2305-11: Monday, December 9th. Essays Due by 10:00 am in my office, room 456.

2305-12: Friday, December 6th. Essays Due by 1:00 pm in my office, room 456.

For 11/14:
Essay 4 Draft Due

For 11/12:
 Response 9 Due

For 11/5:

Response 8 Due

For 10/31:

Essay 3 Due

You may cover the following poems for essay 3:

Evie Shockley, “improper(ty) behavior,” “where you are planted,” “owed to shirley chisolm”

Marcus Wicker, “Love Letter to Ru Paul,” “Love Letter to Justin Timberlake*,” “Love Letter to Pam Grier,” “Love Letter to Flavor Flav,” "Love Letter to Dave Chapelle*"

Patricia Smith, “Skinhead”
Gloria AnzaldĂșa, “We Call Them Greasers,”“Cervicide,*” “horse” 
"Money"-Beau Sia
"Asian Men are Hung like Horses"-Beau Sia
"Tube"-Austin Slam Poetry Competition Team (group poem)
"What Teachers Make"-Taylor Mali
"Untimely Meditations"- Saul Williams

"For These are a Few of My Favorite Che's"- Daniel Garcia Ordaz (Poet Mariachi)
 "To the Pretty Girl in the Other Checkout Lane Whose Name I Don't Know"- Daniel Garcia Ordaz 

Sheryl Luna, Pity the Drowned Horses (Entire book)

For 10/22:
Response 7 due.

For 10/17:
Read the assigned poems. Pat Mora's "Elena" and "Legal Alien" can be found in the resources page as a PDF. Make sure to print these and bring them with you to class. "Cervicide" was copied and handed out to you last week. 

For 10/15:
Response 6 due.

For 10/10:

Read assigned poems and pages from Handbook of Poetic Form.

For 10/8:
Essay 2 due.

For 10/3:
Continue discussion of The Business of Fancydancing.

For 10/1:
Essay 2 draft due.
*Do not write your draft over the following short stories: "Traveling," "Translated from the American," "Special Delivery," "Gravity."

For 9/26:
Response paper due.

For 9/24:
Read Sherman Alexie biography and browse the Coeur d'Alene tribal site found in the resources page.

For 9/19:
Listen to Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit" available on the resources page.

***Essays Due. Bring a printed copy to class.

For 9/17:
Read assigned poems in Missing You, Metropolis.
For 9/12:
Print out the Tone Words PDF found in the resources page and bring it to class.

For 9/10:
Response paper due.

***Also, you may write your essay 1 draft over any poem in Missing You, Metropolis, even if we have not covered it yet.

For 9/5:
Bring response paper to class.

For 9/3:
Read assigned poems and selections.  Be prepared for class discussion.

For 8/29:
Make sure you have read all the poems and assigned terminology.
*Read and print the interview with Maria Herrera-Sobek. Bring this with you to class.
Bring your response paper to class.

For 8/27: 
The course syllabus is available to download in the resources page on this site.
**Download and print the "Poetry Handout" found in the resources page on this site.You will bring this to class everyday.